audiodg.exe using a lot of CPU

2862 days ago

I got a netbook, namely the HP Pavilion dm1 which have been excruciatingly slow after it got upgraded from the original operating system.

Being a netbook, with an Atom processor at that, it is of course not supposed to be a speed demon by any means – but it seemed to be one process in particular that used up a lot of the CPU power, namingly audidg.exe. Most of the time it would be using in between 30-70%, making the rest of the system slow down to a halt.

Apparently, audiodg.exe is the audio engine for Windows 7 (and Vista). Basically the audio hardware drivers can use this engine to apply effects to the sound to make it sound better. On this netbook in particular I just used the default Windows 7 drivers, and by default it seems that several effects are enabled by default.

I then moved on to disabling these enhancements in the following way:

  • Right-click the speaker icon in your taskbar (next to the clock).
  • Select Playback Devices.
  • A menu with the available playback devices will appear.
  • Double-click on the device with a green mark.
  • The Properties window for that particular device opens.
  • Click on the Enhancements tab.
  • Disable all enhancements (or uncheck all of them).

Having all the enhancements disabled could degrade the sound, but it is not really noticeable on this computer, and the computer now performs way faster than before!

Apparently, the reason for audiodg.exe using so much processing power is old/crappy drivers, so an upgrade of the drivers could help if you have this problem but would like to/need to keep these effects enabled. For me, having the effects disabled is really not an issue.

Espen Sae-Tang Ottersen




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